15 July 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Bastian!!

We had decided to keep birthdays to ourselves and just make a big deal with the family...We secretly decorated the house and made a balloon waterfall at his bedroom door. We even decorated our car! But Bastian still begged for a party! We gave in and threw a very small scale party at our favorite park!
The theme was Nature/Jeff Corwin-  Bastian even dressed like him!

Ryker and Azalea! 

Bastian and his crush Eden! (Notice that he is dressed very Croc Hunter/Jeff Corwin-ish)

Bird seed letter "B's" to fee the birds at home! I had a poem on the back that said 
"Place these Big B's outside in the trees and all of the birds will think you are the bees knees!"
I don't think anyone noticed it though!

Bags of raw peanuts to feed the squirrels!

This is Gabriel's "Sun hat" He asks to wear it nearly every day!

13 July 2013

Jake and Rose!

Jake and Rose visited us in early July 2013. We took them to Shark Valley and the Miami Zoo! 

11 July 2013

Bastian's Photos

 Marine Shots are from Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and Wildlife shots are from Miami Zoo!
All Taken by Bastian with his Nikon Camera.

09 July 2013

Happy Independence Day!

We spent Independence Day at the beach! We watched fireworks in the sand with the sound of the waves crashing in! It was really cool! 

The kiddos are wearing shirts that we made at a friend's house earlier in the week. We wanted to focus on the real reason we celebrate and not just the "4th of July" so we did crafts  read books and painted shirts!
I am in love with the shirts!

Happy Independence Day!