29 February 2012

Post Baby Visit #2 Gma Beth & Gpa Bill Edition

Since Tony and Bill work for the same company and were both selected to win The Presidents Award from thir company and would both have to fly to Florida to receive the award AND they were leaving behind their wives... my mom decided to fly down to VA. The plan worked perfectly- My mom was here before Tony left for Florida, she helped with the kiddos while he was gone and then Tony and Bill flew to Richmond and Bill worked out if Tony's depot for the next week! Perfect!

Here are some photos of our time together! (Unfortunately, there are not many pictures- we are just getting back into picture taking mode!)

We went to Lewis Ginter for the first time of the year. Which gave Gma Beth just one more reason to love VA!


27 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's Day our sweet Azalea turned 2 months old! Her cheeks are getting mighty chunky! We love us some fat babies! Although the string bean babies like Gman are cool too!
  Happy 2 Months Azalea!

  We were also invited to our friends for a Valentine's Party!  Our friend Sarah is also a homeschooling mom and she is such an inspiration to us!  Her party was so cute and the boys LOVED decorating and eating some heart shaped cookies!

Team Whitehead

25 February 2012

Azalea One Month photos!

We had our newborn photos taken on what had been a pretty rough day for all of us! You can tell that by a few grumpy faces in some of the photos!

I think that these turned out great in spite of some grouchy moods!

These were a few of our attempts to get a family photo! After multiple attempts to cheer up Bastian, we scrapped the idea... Maybe next time!

We were also battling a rough patch of baby acne! Luckily she still looks cute!

We couldn't resist the Michigan shirt (Which she is the 3rd munchkin to sport thus far) and a yellow cloth diaper!

I'm also a sucker for hair bows and tutus!

These are some of the few photos of Azalea and I. I likey- As long as I just look at her!

Happy One Month Sweet Girl!

 Team Whitehead

04 February 2012

Bastian's Photo Extravaganza

Bastian recieved a digital camera for Christmas 2011 and I had some big plans for that little baby... but none have really worked out. I realized pretty quickly that I can try all day to give Bastian projects and assignments... and he is still going to come back with photos like these! I am totally OK with that now. Soon he will be old enough to humor me with my projects, and for now I will humor him!

I do think he took some prety nice photos! I uploaded over 1,000 pictures on my computer today and these are some of the better ones. (Keep in mind this is a children's digital camera and the picture quality is about as good as a cell phone camera)

Below are photos from the National Zoo in DC. This was our first time in the Amazon Rainforest Building.

These are friends from church! It would appear that Bastian has a crush of sweet little Avery!

These are just around the house photos. I assume that Gabriel took the photo of Bastian...

These are of our fish tank! We have some pretty sweet fish now, and Bas decided to photograph them in all of their fishy/colorful/blurry glory!
  Team Whitehead