27 May 2009

Bastian Summer Photos!

I am attempting to use this blog to family update type things that most people do. I figured that my blog needs to take a turn for the Happy anyhow.  I am going to try to post photos more often as well.  I am super new to this.. I appreciate all the help I can get!

This is Bastian and Edwin playing in the pool at the Sturtivants home. They had such a blast. 

Bastian at Lewis Ginter. I can not remember why he is making this face, But I love it.

Bas watching the fish at Lewis Ginter.

Bastian playing in the sand at the Children's Museum.

Bastian and Tony... this is how we watch Charlie apparently. 

We have learned the hard way that anything that sounds remotely fun in Richmond usually involves water (At least in the summer) .  I now keep swimmer diapers and a set of trunks (that I let dry in the back window, classy I know!) in the car. 
We are going through swimmer diapers and sunscreen at twice the rate that we did last year. But that is OK with me we are having a blast!