05 July 2011

Team Whitehead Goes Bowling!

We signed up for a summer bowling pass at some lanes near our house and it has been awesome!

Tony loves to bowl and I am pretty sure that he would go every day if he had someone to go with... and that I wouldn't be upset that he was never home... maybe.

We were pretty pumped to see that the boys like it too!

The boys with their bowling balls! I think that bowling shoes in size 7( G-man's size) are the cutest ever!
 (The marks on Bastian's face are from his first case of Poison Ivy this year... )

Gabriel's balls took forever to get down the lane! Tony insists that our kids learn to bowl properly and not to use the slide thing...  Gabriel doesn't seem to mind much!

Bastian was excited from beginning to end! We did have to battle some grumpiness because he had a hard time waiting for his turn... but he recovered quickly!

I am sure that we will be bowling again in the near future, so there will likely be more photos!


03 July 2011

Steve and Kristina Come to visit!

Soon after Grandma Beth and Jane left we welcomed more house guests! Seriously.. it was less than 48 hours!
We had a blast, and now we know what it would be like with 8 people living in our home! AWESOME!

Steve is a friend from high school (Actually we didn't like each other in high school at all! But after high school we reconnected at a mutual friends wedding and discovered that neither of us are jerks anymore! Now he and his wife are some of our closests friends!)

They stayed with us for 4 crazy fun filled days.

We were able to check out;
 VA Beach- Where a huge storm caused us to run and carry (yes carry!) strollers into a nearby hotel because 70 mph winds and sand do not make for a very kid friendly afternoon! It was really scary, but after about 30 minutes in the lobby of a beach front hotel all was calm and we decided to head home!
National Zoo- Again! good thing we bought a pass this year! It is such a fun zoo! And we get free zoo cookies every time we go!
The National Mall & Smithsonian- Bastian got to see dinosaurs and a bunch of dead animals right after we left the zoo. Awesome, right?

Here are some photos !

My favorite beach photo of Bastian!

Bastian and Joshua

Kristina braving the waters with Joshua and Bastian!

Bastian checking out the amazonian fish at the national zoo!

My men in a South American Rain Forest, looking for monkeys!

I think that G-man and Tony look a lot alike here!

Th McGraths! Steve with Joshua and Kristina with Connor!

Gabriel- who is having an awesome hair moment!

Team McGrath at the Zoo!

We picked the parking lot with the giant steps all the way to the zoo! Don't park in Parking lot C if you have a stroller!

Kristina her way down the steps with another sleeping baby!

The big boys rode with the daddies and the little boys rode with the mommies... Bastian and Joshua were lucky enough to watch movies during each road trip! He is still talking about Wall-E!

We can't wait to see them again!