About Team Whitehead

We are super a super nerdy family that loves the Lord, loves one another, and loves to play!

We aren't "Green" by any means, we try to eat whole foods in their closest to natural form, we try to eat organic when we can afford it and we try to be good stewards of the gifts that the Lord has given us. By that I mean that we make our own cleaning supplies, out of things that won't kill you :) We are mindful about our consumption, we compost and garden  and try to take care of the earth as much as possible... not in a weirdo hippy way but in an honoring God kind of way... I love to cook from scratch and I try to make convenience foods from scratch all the time!   Not that we think any of that defines us, we think it is fun or we find it to be beneficial... and we like to go against the grain in most ways! So that is always fun!

Speaking of going against the grain- we can't eat those suckers any more! 3 out of 5 of us have food intolerance issues! We are grain free and dairy free! I'm learning to cook this way... which is challenging to say the least!

We love to play outside and get dirty! We are regularly getting dirty in the garden and going for Nature Walks!

We are in the beginning stages of Homeschooling our oldest.
We currently homeschool using Charlotte Mason methods. We read LOTS of books and we love it!

We go to an amazing church on the Northside of Richmond. It is BY FAR the best church that we have ever belonged to. It is full of genuine people who truly love the Lord. We have learned so much about ourselves, the bible and God since we joined that it is amazing to us! Things that used to matter, don't matter so much and now we see what truly matters! It is great to belong to a church that teaches The Bible and only The Bible!

God has grown our family in so many ways, we are so grateful to Him and we aim to glorify him in all that we do. While our motives are not always pure God is showing us how we can honor him and we spend our days doing our best! We will always fall short, but His grace is more than enough!