09 June 2012

Silly Boys

A new favorite activity is anything to do with bubbles!!Here are the boys having a bubble contest while I cook dinner!It tends to be a trying time of day, so anything that keeps them happy, keeps me happy!!

Team Whitehead

03 June 2012

Andrews AFB Air Show!

One nice perk about being in the military is that you get to go to Air Shows on military only days! Which means, less crowds, less chaos and more time to ask questions and enjoy the experience! On May 18th we went the the Air Show on Andrews AFB. We knew the boys would have fun, but we never expected them to enjoy it as much as they did!

Gabriel had his eyes on the sky pretty much the entire time! He has been pretty obsessed with Air Force One for a few weeks now but getting to see it again really made his day! Since the Air Show he has grown fond of the Blue Angels as well! He found a toy plane that we had here a the house that is a Blue Angel and he has not stopped carrying it since last Friday!

Bastian had a blast climbing in and on every plane, helicopter and tank that he was able to. He was actually quite bummed out when he saw that there were planes that we missed on the way out of the Air Show! He also decided that he wants to be a Blue Angel when he grows up!

 We had to eat lunch in the car on the flightline- food was not allowed in the Air Show area, so we parked the boys on top of the car to see the planes while they ate!
This is an  CV-22 Osprey. It is a VTOL and STOL aircraft. Which means Vertical take off
and landing and Short take off and landing. It can lift up like a helicopter and then fly away like a plane! It is super cool!

 One of the many stunt planes!
 A funny novelty for homeschool kids... they thought that this bus was amazing!!

 The men inside an AF Cargo Plane.

Peaking out the window of the plane!

 They were blown away that they could actually sit in a helicopter!

Azalea was asleep in the moby the entire time! Lucky for us- this baby LOVES the moby wrap!

 They got to walk all the way through a tank! Notice the skyward eyes- these dudes were in love with the stunt planes!
 Then they got to slide down the front and jump off!

It was definitely a good day for the kiddos and well worth our trip to DC!