30 November 2010

FREE Jesse Tree Devotional for the Family!

I am super behind on my blogging! I will catch up soon I promise! I plan to blog about Our Thanksgiving, and our visit with family and more!

But for now I leave you will an Advent Calendar. It's a free download that has been recommended by multiple people! We plan to start our Jesse Tree in the next couple of days and this will be super helpful to us!

Check it out here!


17 November 2010

Thanksgiving Cards are on the way!

Just about 1 week ago we mailed out or Thanksgiving Cards to Family & Friends out of state... Basically we just like an excuse to make stuff and Thanksgiving is a good reason! 
We hope you like them!

We made some classic Hand Turkeys!

And in true Whitehead form we had to go against the grain and do Tootsie Turkeys!


16 November 2010

Friday is Math Day!

Last Friday we studied the Number 10! We covered counting to 10, identifying the number 10 and counting in multiples of 10. And then of course we had an art project!!

There are ten of everything on the page!

15 November 2010

Wednesday is Bible Study Day!

At CBS Bastian learned about Joseph and his coat of many colors!
He loves to tell everyone about how Joseph brothers threw him into an empty well and then decided to sell him... He can tell the entire story right up to the famine! It is amazing the amount of knowledge little brains can hold onto!

He was pretty proud of his new coat too!

Ever since Halloween Bastian has insisted that his name is "Spiderman" and refuses to be called Bastian at both church and Bible Study. 
It cracks me up that even when we are not around he is asks to be called "Spiderman" 

Right now Bastian's favorite thing about Spiderman is that when he shoots out webbing, he makes the "I love you" sign!!


Squeaky Clean!

Good Morning!

02 November 2010

Fall Photos!

I feel like  a big goober when I try to take cool photos... I know way to many talented photographers who take awesome photos! My photos just don't measure up. It is just lucky that I like the boys in the photos. And the leaves, I like the leaves too.

That being said... I still think it is fun!

I took the boys out in the yard to play in our leaves and realized that if I were a talented photographer and the boys were the children of a millionaire... I could make MILLIONS! Too bad huh?
Anyways... Gabriel loved playing in/eating the leaves!

Here are some highlights!

We started out in shorts and a short sleeved shirt... because it was like 75 degrees!

And then I decided that we couldn't waste our photo op! And we went inside to put on more fall-ish clothing!

Bastian found a really cool little flower for me in the yard! He LOVES to gather flowers for his momma!

G-man's face cracks me up here!

Happy Fall!


01 November 2010

Let's try AGAIN!

This may be  the 4th time that I've tried to figure out how to post a gosh-fer-sak'n document on my gosh-fer-sak'n blog!

This time I am posting our "House Rules" It has both positive and negative directives. Because that is the way that The Lord directs his children. (Not all of the 10 Commandments are "don'ts nor are they "do's"... He's a good guy and he uses both!)

We use this when we have to put Bastian in time out... After he gets out of time out we read the rule and related scripture. I think it will be MUCH more effective once Bastian can read... but it is still a good tool for now.

Here is the link for the House Rules!

I hope that it works!