15 July 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Bastian!!

We had decided to keep birthdays to ourselves and just make a big deal with the family...We secretly decorated the house and made a balloon waterfall at his bedroom door. We even decorated our car! But Bastian still begged for a party! We gave in and threw a very small scale party at our favorite park!
The theme was Nature/Jeff Corwin-  Bastian even dressed like him!

Ryker and Azalea! 

Bastian and his crush Eden! (Notice that he is dressed very Croc Hunter/Jeff Corwin-ish)

Bird seed letter "B's" to fee the birds at home! I had a poem on the back that said 
"Place these Big B's outside in the trees and all of the birds will think you are the bees knees!"
I don't think anyone noticed it though!

Bags of raw peanuts to feed the squirrels!

This is Gabriel's "Sun hat" He asks to wear it nearly every day!

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