12 July 2010

#1 Turns 3!

Bastian's Pirate Party was a huge success!

We had a ton of fun planning( for months!) and setting up. Luckily my mom and Bill were in town so that made things quite a bit easier to tackle.

We had a huge table set up outside for the cake. And for Tony to show off his sweet swords!

We had a bunch of our friends and their little ones over... due to the crazy heat we stayed inside except for the cake part of the party of course!

This was how our kitchen island looks for the party. We had Eye Patches & Dip (Blue Corn Chips), Pieces of Eight (Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies), Cannon Balls (Whoppers), A Fruity Pirate Ship- To prevent scurvy( Watermelon) We also had Davey Jones Burgers and Salty Dogs on the grill!

The Whole Cake Table Set Up.

Of Course we had to decorate the chalkboard for Bastian's sweet bash! I'm not the best artist... but I learned that when having a pirate party... when in doubt add more skulls and crossbones.

We had a ton of fun and we are still working on those Thank You Cards!

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