21 July 2010

Team Whitehead goes on Vacation!

We recently took a 12 day tour to see pretty much all of our Friends and Family that we  don't see often... This is what our trip looked like;

Hance and Bastian at our first stop!
Stop 1- Ashland KY- To see  Tony's Cousin Hance and his wife Stacy and their little lady Hider (who is 1 month younger than Bastian)

Stop 2- Bluffton, IN - To see Papa Ken and Grandma Brenda. We also got to see Uncle Steve and Uncle Richie

Stop 3- Niles, MI - To see our friends Stella & Austin

Stop 4 - Battle Creek, MI - To see military friends
 Bob & Lori and family and Jason & Nikki and family

Stop 5 - Auburn Hills, MI - To see our friends Steve & Kristina and Matt & Beth  and their babies of course!

Stop 6 - Ovid, MI - To see Tony's Family

Stop 7 - Mt. Morris, MI - To see my family

5 Generations!

Stop 8 - Grand Blanc, MI to see more friends

Stop 9 - Franklin, OH To see Jamey, Steph,
Cameron and Joey

Stop 10 - HOME!

Our trip was sooo much fun. All the parts that we were worried about were awesome and the entire trip was a blast! We learned that Thanks to a manual pump and a very mellow G-man that we can go on long trips with very little hassle. We even got to stop at the Newport Aquarium on the way home. That was a surprise from Tone Tone... I was super pumped!

It was great to see everyone. It was great to get out of our house for a while and recharge... but after all of that it was great to get home!

Here are a few more exciting shots from our trip!
Bastian and Gma Lou
Bastian & Great Great Grandma Mott

Bastian & Gma Beth in the pool!
Gman learning cards from Heat

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