21 October 2010

Bastian's Quotable Quotes

1. God will punch the monsters right in the face!
      Said when we were explaining that God will protect him during the night...
2.  Momma, just give me the map!
      Said in the car when Tony and I were arguing over which way to turn at an intersection...
3. I smell an owl...
       Said at Maymont...
4. Gretchen and I were licking each other earlier! We were just goofing around!
5. Mom, will you itch my armpit?  It's itchy!!
6. Don't mess with my slide or I will punch you in the face and put you in time out!
7. I love you dad, you are the best dad. For me. Today.
8. Mom! My pillow pet won't go back to a cuddly animal!
9. There were people all around God to love him... then a giant castle Jericho appeared and it was everyones birthday!
10. Bas- Jericho has those (Downspouts) !!... Me- Hmmm  Bastian- Don't say that Mom, I'm not wrong!
11. I'm a wild animal! You need to put up this gate to protect  your children!

Bastian's brain is so awesome! I know everyone thinks that their child is brilliant... and I am totally one of them! He is such a quick and enthusiastic learner! We are not often bored around here!


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