26 October 2010

Catching Up- Pumpkin Picking!

A while ago we went with our Mom's Group Pumpkin Picking! Bastian had a great time hanging out with some friends that he doesn't see often!

We rode a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch! Both boys had a great time! Gabriel had a great time and true to his style he was happy as long as he has an apple to hold the entire time!

Bastian and Aiden had a great time checking out the tractor!

Bastian and Aiden have their ups and downs... but luckily it seemed to be an Up Day!  

Both Bastian and Aiden had fun picking the funkiest pumpkins around!

Before we left we were able to check out the tractor!

We had a great time and snagged one big pumpkin and one ugly tiny green one... that was free because it was so horrible!


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