02 November 2010

Fall Photos!

I feel like  a big goober when I try to take cool photos... I know way to many talented photographers who take awesome photos! My photos just don't measure up. It is just lucky that I like the boys in the photos. And the leaves, I like the leaves too.

That being said... I still think it is fun!

I took the boys out in the yard to play in our leaves and realized that if I were a talented photographer and the boys were the children of a millionaire... I could make MILLIONS! Too bad huh?
Anyways... Gabriel loved playing in/eating the leaves!

Here are some highlights!

We started out in shorts and a short sleeved shirt... because it was like 75 degrees!

And then I decided that we couldn't waste our photo op! And we went inside to put on more fall-ish clothing!

Bastian found a really cool little flower for me in the yard! He LOVES to gather flowers for his momma!

G-man's face cracks me up here!

Happy Fall!


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  1. So cute! Look at those adorable boys playing in the leaves!