01 November 2010

Let's try AGAIN!

This may be  the 4th time that I've tried to figure out how to post a gosh-fer-sak'n document on my gosh-fer-sak'n blog!

This time I am posting our "House Rules" It has both positive and negative directives. Because that is the way that The Lord directs his children. (Not all of the 10 Commandments are "don'ts nor are they "do's"... He's a good guy and he uses both!)

We use this when we have to put Bastian in time out... After he gets out of time out we read the rule and related scripture. I think it will be MUCH more effective once Bastian can read... but it is still a good tool for now.

Here is the link for the House Rules!

I hope that it works!


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