28 June 2011

Bastian is 4!!!

It blows my mind that 4 years ago my Bassie Boy was born!

Not to sound like a nerd, but it seems like yesterday! Although so much has changed in our lives since then!

He is such a goof ball and such a fun guy! Bastian loves to have fun no matter where he is!
He is becoming such an amazing helper and he loves to help Gman do things... although Gabriel seems to be less enthusiastic about it!

He loves to spend time outside. He loves to garden with me.
We have 10 tomato plants planted this year and he can not wait to pick the tomatoes that he can already see on most of the plants!

He loves to look at and catch (and sometime squash) bugs. When I ask him not to squash bugs his defense is " but mom, I'm just a bug killer!"

He LOVES dinosaurs! He can name over 20 different species of dinosaurs and some he can tell you the time period that they lived during. He loves for us to describe a dinosaur and he will guess what kind it is. When we were playing and I was trying to get him to guess "Pliosaurus" he corrected me and said "excuse me, mom a pliosaurus is a marine reptile NOT a dinosaur!" 
His favorite kind of dinosaur is Lambeosaurus and of course the T-Rex!

His absolute favorite thing to do right now is draw! If I find an old notebook around the house, I can give it to him and he will have it loaded from cover to cover in less than a week. I have no idea how well kids his age should be able to draw, but I am pretty sure that Bastian is a future Monet. Not that he is drawing lillies in a field or anything, but he seems to be pretty good at it to me. His most recent drawings that we have thought were amazing were; A bunny (he wants one for his b-day!), A Chef with a birthday cake, A Stegosaurus, and a Lizard with a bag on his tongue that helps him catch flies! There are literally hundreds more!

He is still taking a 2 hour nap each day in addition to sleeping 11 hours each night! I don't want to curse it by writing it here... we know that we are some lucky folk to have a 4 year old who still takes a regular nap!

Here are some photos of my handsome 4 year old!

He is currently in a headband phase.. that we think is AWESOME! He likes to wear one every day and now he has discovered that it is cooler for them to match his clothes!

 The Aligator Snapping Turtle his favorite animal!

He still loves the beach and any water in general!

He still loves to be goofy!

Happy 4th Birthday my little Stud!

* Be prepared- Some of these pictures will show up again in the future in other blog posts.

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