30 June 2011

Grandma Beth and Janey Poo come to visit!

We recently had my mom and her friend Jane come for a few days!

The boys love "Grandma Beth" no matter what... but since she met Jane she has become quite a bit cooler!
Jane loves reptiles, lizards and all things creepy crawly! So now Grandma Beth loves them and owns a TON of them! When we skype Bastian justs asks to see the lizards and snakes! It is like a virtual trip to the zoo!

During the visit Bastian had lots of questions for both of them and loved to ask questions and try to impress them with his knowledge of all things gross!

While they were here we were able to see:
 Maymont... Where I had to take Jane down a horrifying flight of windy cobblestone steps in her wheel chair and I thought we were both going to die the whole time!

The National Zoo - Where Bastian, my mom and Jane all talked about lizards and had a blast!

and an amazing restaurant on the southside called Benny's BBQ. If you like BBQ- you have to check it out!

Here are some photos!

Under an awesome tree at Maymont!

Playing on a hill at Maymont.

Gman and Me in a Butterfly house at the National Zoo.

The Big Male Lion at the zoo. He currently has 7 babies with him and they are super cute!

Bastian checking out Lizard innerds!

Gman and Daddy making Crazy Faces!

Bastian, Jane and Grandma Beth checking out a snake.

Checking out the meerkats. They freak out over my mom's service dog Echo!

Grandma Beth, Jane and Bastian again.

Bastian and Gabriel looking at some tiny mammal.. I can't remember what it is called...

We had a blast and can't wait for them to come back!


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