28 August 2011

Hurricane Irene!

Nothing really exciting here!

We were pumped and ready for an amazing Hurricane, and while it was quite rainy and windy... nothing really happened!

Im not sure if it was the general gloominess of the day or what, but I was not motivated to do a thing! I was able to can some tomatoes, but only because if I didn't they would have gone bad. I just prayed that the power stayed on the whole time... I would have been real bummed if we lost power in the middle! Luckily we only lost power for about 2 minutes and the tomatoes were successfully made into sauce and canned and are now on a shelf! Whoo hoo!
  After I was done canning, I went back to doing nothing!

The boys loved to watch out the window and yell everytime the wind blew really hard!

The most exciting thing was that our crab apple tree in the back yard broke in half! But it was a sickly tree that was only about 20 feet tall. We might just plant another one there... only this time a real apple tree!

We are glad that nobody was hurt and that we are safe and with electricity... but we really expected a little more excitement from a Hurricane.. especially when it is just days after an earthquake!
Maybe I'm just weird though... maybe.


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