02 September 2011

Anniversary Trip to the Outer Banks!

In the past 5 years I've had;
 7 addresses in 5 different states
 4 pregnancies
 2 mortgages
 3 churches
 lots of home improvement lessons
4 dogs
4 cars
2 rats
about 100 fish
lots of cooking/grilling lessons

ONE AMAZING HUSBAND, who has shared it all with me!

I love my Stud!

Our 5th anniversary was on the 19th and Tony had planned an amazing surprise for me! (He's such a catch!)

He planned a trip to the Outer Banks with our friends Lavon and Brian! Even though I messed up the surprise and found out early.. this trip was still awesome!

We drove down on  Friday (which was our anniversary) and met our friends on the beach! After some beach playing and kite flying we headed out for dinner and then to our hotel! Our room was amazing! Tony booked the Presidential Suite! It was gigantic! And Awesome! I have no photos.. you will just have to trust me! 

Gabriel was not a fan of the water on Friday, but by Saturday he had warmed up to it and was having all kinds of fun!
We had a ton of fun playing on someone else's awesome sand frog!

Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating, so we never actually got the kite up and flying! The Boys still enjoyed watching Beebop run around!

The next day (which was my birthday) was another fun filled day! We went to the beach again! This time we went to Jennettes Pier (which was way cool!)

We swam, saw tons of fish and Tony even got hit by a bunch of tiny fish that were trying to escape the jaws of some slightly larger fish!  

We spent the whole day in the water or on the beach collecting shells... so I don't have many photos!  We have a ton of shells though!

Bastian and Tony watching some jet skis ride by as we waited for our lunch!

Beebop and Brian at dinner.

Gabriel was so tired after all the swimming that he passed out as soon as we got in the car on the way to the restaurant!

He woke up about half way through dinner with crazy hair and a few gigantic yawns!
He woke up just in time for his shrimp dinner to arrive! What a way to wake up!

After dinner, we had some homemade ice cream and then headed to our hotels for bed!

The next day we all said our good byes and headed home! It was such a fun trip! We learned that the Outer Banks are amazing and we can't wait to go back!

When we got home I found a huge box in the living room. I assumed that the trip my anniversary gift and birthday gift... because Tony had been talking about how we can't spend any unnecessary money (Stinking Dave Ramsey!)  but it turns out that Tony had also bought me a huge tent! We've been wanting to go camping for a long time, and we have most of what we need, but just not the tent! and now we have one!
I can not wait to go camping now! Hopefully I will get to post a blog about that before the summer is up!

It was such a fun trip, Tony is so good to me! Sometimes I can't believe it has been 5 years, and sometimes it feels like we've been together forever (in a good way)! I just have to find a way to surprise him with something amazing now!

Thanks for reading!

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