13 September 2011

Cornstarch Painting!

I heard about this idea a while ago from one of the Learning blogs that I follow...
 She had a recipe, but you know me! I just decided to wing it.

So here's my recipe.

 A Bunch of Cornstarch in a bowl
A Few drops of Food Coloring
Enough water to make the cornstarch  paint textured
Stir it up and then paint!!

We only had Green and Blue food coloring, otherwise we would have made more paints...

It was surprisingly fun! The boys were entertained for over an hour! What can entertain 2 boys for over an hour...? Oh right- a MESS!

It was pretty messy, but luckily it all washed out (even out of the laundry)

It was easy enough to just spray off the patio a few days later as well.

Gabriel was upset that he had paint on his hand and he wanted me to wash it off!

Our Masterpiece! Even after the paint was spilled we still had fun!

We will definitely be doing this one again!


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