20 October 2011

Grandma Beth and Janey Poo come to visit!- The Sequel

Grandma Beth was apparently going through Bastian and Gman withdrawals and decided to come for a visit!

The boys love it when we have company! Especially when the company comes to play with them!

Both boys were napping when Grandma and Jane arrived, but on the way down the stairs after waking their faces lit up at the sight of them! It was really funny!

This was a relatively short trip so we had to fit as much excitement in as possible! But still attend Bible Study on Wednesday- so that kind of cut into our visit a bit.

We went to Maymont- one of my moms favorite places and Jane hadn't seen the farm yet so that was an easy choice for us.

Checking out the Donkey- Normally he gets a little worked up by Echo, but this time he ignored them completely.

Gabriel still loves to chase birds.

Luckily, they are fast than him!

The goats were not sure what to think about Echo this time! Every goat in the pen came to check him out... and finally the smallest one started head butting the bars to try to scare them away!  

Hanging out with Grandma and Echo- checking out the Hawk.

One of the only pictures with Jane!

Gabriel has a way with Goats! He was the only one who could get them to come to the fence with out food!

As it was time to leave we realized that Jane had locked her keys in the car! This is her speaking with the locksmith! 

The next day we decided to wear the boys out at The Inflatable Palace!

I am pretty sure that Bastian won this game!

Of course- in a room full of inflated awesome-ness Gman plays basketball!

We also had to take them to Sweet Frog (once you bring an out-of-towner there, it becomes an important part of every trip!)
And we had some fun just staying home and wrestling on the floor!

I'm not sure if it is seeing someone that we haven't seen in a while, or the jam packed days or the frozen yogurt... but we really seem to like company!


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