16 October 2011

National Zoo

This was probably our last trip of the year to the National Zoo.   Although it rained and was freeeeezing, we still had a blast!

One of Gabriel's favorite things to do right now is sit and look at our Encyclopedia of Mammals, we were pretty sure that this would be his first super exciting trip to the zoo. We were totally right! He loved every minute of it! The hardest part was to convince him to leave one animal, but he soon realized that this meant getting to see another cool animal... then our transitions went much more smoothly!

Because we bought this hat at the zoo (last year) Bastian insisted on wearing it. He had it crammed on his head as far as it could go! It was really funny and super cute!

Bastian has mixed feelings about the snakes apparently...

We went on Big Cat day, which was pretty neat! We got to see them toss a bunny to the tiger and although we couldn't see it once the tiger took the bunny to it's den we did hear someone say "Oh yeah! It ripped off the head!" It was really cool to see what we did get to see and I don't know that I would have liked explaining anymore than that to Bastian!
The lions didn't get to eat anything cool, but they were more playful than we have ever seen them. Gabriel loved watching them! He kept  saying "Lion, ROAR!, Lion ROAR!"

This was also the first time that we've ever seen the Ring Tailed Lemurs on Lemur Island (This was our 5th time at the zoo this summer, so we had pretty much given up!)

The main purpose of our trip to the zoo was to catch up with friends who had recently moved to the area! It was really cool to see them and now we are looking forward to our next visit with them!

It was a fun day and 3/4 of our car celebrated by sleeping the whole way home! (Poor Tone Tone!)


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