25 February 2012

Azalea One Month photos!

We had our newborn photos taken on what had been a pretty rough day for all of us! You can tell that by a few grumpy faces in some of the photos!

I think that these turned out great in spite of some grouchy moods!

These were a few of our attempts to get a family photo! After multiple attempts to cheer up Bastian, we scrapped the idea... Maybe next time!

We were also battling a rough patch of baby acne! Luckily she still looks cute!

We couldn't resist the Michigan shirt (Which she is the 3rd munchkin to sport thus far) and a yellow cloth diaper!

I'm also a sucker for hair bows and tutus!

These are some of the few photos of Azalea and I. I likey- As long as I just look at her!

Happy One Month Sweet Girl!

 Team Whitehead

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