10 March 2012

Bastian Quotes!

Here are a few of Bastian's Awesome Quotes that we have heard and written down. For every one we remember there are about 200 that we crack up at and forget to write down!

"Mom, girls are so whiney! Boys are calm, calm, calm!"

"We can't turn right and then right again! This GPS is a piece of junk!"

"Boys don't dance, girls dance... boys ROCK!"

"Mom, my tummy is hurting, I am pretty sure that my brain is sending messages that my tummy is too full!"

Bas- "Mom, can I have a permanent marker?"
Mommy- "Nope"
Bas- "I wanted to draw a skull on my dogs shirt so that everyone will know that she is a ROCKER!"

"Mom, we should change Mercury's name to Leprosy... I mean Cheetah!"

I really can't wait to hear the crazy things that Gabriel will come up with! Our kids are so cool!

Team Whitehead

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