11 March 2012

Crazy VA Weather...

In Michigan everyone says " if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes..." We have discovered this to be true everywhere that we have lived, including VA.

This last week has definitely been a reflection of that. We had 4 inches of snow and then almost 80 degrees within 4 days of each other! (So maybe a little more than 5 minutes!)

The good thing is that when you are a kid, this is the best week of your life!
The boys had to rush outside to play in the snow as soon as they woke up. We knew that the snow wouldn't last long! But it did last long enough for them to have a snowball fight and come in crying about cold hands! (This was on a Monday Morning)

  The following Thursday, we were all at the zoo. This was the nicest day all year! It was awesome!

Team Whitehead

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