28 May 2012

Catching Up with Azalea!

Since my last post about here, Azalea has done some growing!

Here is where we are with everything-
She is still having some health issues. She has continued to have issues going to the bathroom. And rarely (as in less than once a month) goes on her own. We have taken her for 2 biopsies, a barium enema an x-ray and multiple visits with specialists.
We still have no idea what the problem is.

She was born in the 50th percentile for her weight, but has since dropped to  25%. Her last few visits have shown her gaining roughly .25 oz per day and she should still be gaining 1 oz per day. One two week period she actually lost weight! She just broke 14lbs! It is crazy to us to have such a small baby! The boys were both 18+lbs at this age!

We go to the doctor every two weeks right now for weight checks and twice a week for Chiropractic visits. Our Chiropractor is confident that we can help her by just continuing to adjust her. We are praying that something starts to work soon!

The doctor has recommended that we start solids soon. We typically like to wait until 8 months, but in this case we have to find a balance and since she is not gaining properly on milk alone, it is time to add something more... and she refuses to take any bottles! Even when the bottle has my milk in it..

One possible explanation that we were given is that she may have possible food issues- So we are now Dairy, Corn, Oats, Wheat and Gluten Free! Which is honestly not as tough as it sounds! It has forced us to eat more veggies and Gabriel is still Dairy and wheat free so it is not that big of a leap for us.

Even though all of that sounds bad.. Azalea is actually a very happy little lady! When she isn't dealing with tummy troubles, she is a big ball of smiles!
 So here are some photos!

3 Months

3 Months

 4 Months
 4 Months
4 Months

 5 Months
 5 Months!

Despite her health issues, she is super smiley and quite happy... which makes it easy not to get too worried. We are praying that the Lord would heal her body and that it would function like "normal" so that we can put all of this behind us!

Team Whitehead

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