14 August 2012

Cece Baby Shower

After our trip to Fort Lauderdale, Tony and the boys flew home and I flew to Ohio with Azalea to throw a baby shower for my sister  Jamey and her newly adopted baby girl Cecelia Nicole.  

Our theme was " You are my Sunshine" and despite the big box of supplies and shower essentials never making it to the shower- everything turned out great!

Lemonade and Paper straws! Hooray for Paper Straws!

Wishes for Baby- these will go in the adoption storybook/scrapbook for Cece. Always make sure to have little kids do these as well... You will get answers like " I hope that you always love cupcakes" and other super cute yet important kid thoughts!

Personalized water bottles with Cece's birth date. 

The box on the right had personalized sunflower seed packets.

This was the best shower food ever! It was better than my wedding food!

Jamey- looking quite sunny 

Joe and Roger  (our Pastor from Ohio-  we adore him)


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