10 August 2012

Trip to Fort Lauderdale

 Whoo Hoo! Tony got a promotion! Unfortunately, not in Richmond... 

We moved to Fort Lauderdale, so that Tony could climb the corporate ladder. Before we could commit to the job/move the company wanted us to visit for a week and make sure that we liked the area. 

-10 minutes from the beach
- Lots of tiny lizards to chase
- Manatee
- Fresh Sea Food
- Renting- so no lawn maintenance
- 4 Pools!
- A huge purge of stuff before we moved- leaving us with way less clutter and "stuff"
- Moscovy Ducks - they are chunky and so friendly
- Lots of cool birds everywhere

- Gators, A guy in our community had his dog eaten by an alligator in March! We now have a song about not going near the water!
- Rain, it rains everyday!!
- Crazy drivers!
- No garden

Anyhow- Clearly we decided to move- because we are here now!
Here are some pics of our trip to Florida!

Gabriel found a shell!

Bastian was throwing gobs of seaweed into the wind and screaming and running away!

The men in the bus at the airport. 


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