12 August 2012

Farewell Richmond!

We gave nearly everything we had away to friends... packed up the rest in a truck. We had breakfast with our closest friends and headed out for our next adventure! 

Hopefully we will return to Richmond, it felt more like home to us than any other place we have lived.

I'm still planning on not making friends down here, so that when we move away it will be easier! And if we never have company- I don't have to clean as often!  We will see how that goes!

 Going away party with my "clique" (minus Mignon- she had left for the night)
 Rose, Liz and Madison
 During Tony's final Man Night Danielle came over and we constructed some of the best marble towers ever!

This was our last time in our Richmond house!

The good thing about all of this is that we  really do enjoy Florida! 

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