29 August 2010

Grams & Grams Whitehead come for a visit!

We recently had a visit from Tony's parents! They were on an anniversary getaway and made a stop at our place for about 4 days.  The trip was non-stop action right from the gates!

We started the visit with a trip to the beach. Even though we went in August we were lucky enough to not see any of those pesky jelly fish! Trust me, I was watching out for them big time!  


<< Gramps and Daddy with the boys!
^^ Sandy Buns after playing in the sand!

^^ The boys playing in the sand together, eating shovels that don't belong to us 
and are covered in sand!

Our next stop was  The Michie Tavern in Charlottesville. Which is a really cool place to check out right by Monticello. They had great food and great shops. They serve the drinks in Stainless steel cups, that we loved so much that Tony bought me a set of 12 for my birthday!! Whatta guy! (Back of you cougars, he's mine!)

We didn't get to do much after our trip to Charlottesville, it was "Man- Night" and pretty much every man we know was going to eat at Quaker Steak and then going to see The Expendables. 
Tony's mom and I stayed home and talked about gardens and how to convince Tony to let me raise my own chickens! 

Our next stop was back to VA Beach to check out the Aquarium. We haven't been there since the brazzillion dollar upgrade! We definitely liked it more than before. That being said, I find it funny that the aquarium in Newport KY is still the best! (We haven't taken the family to the aquarium in Baltimore- but don't get me started on my feelings about the training of Marine Mammals!)  

Bastian still loves sharks, sea turtles and puffer fish! 

Speaking of Sea Turtles... how cute is this little dude! He was trying to bite his filter (filter thingy?) off.

Bastian and I were exploring some hydrothermal vents... 

Bastian was able to pet some horseshoe crabs!

And we wore out the grandparents!

Then on Sunday we went went to church and played cards and relaxed! 

Grandma reads lots of books Bastian (We usually like to get a bunch from the library since Grandma is such a good reader!)

And Gramps snuggled with Gman!

We had a great time and we look forward to seeing them again for Gabriel's first birthday!


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