29 August 2010

The Joys of Good Teething Gear!

We have had our share of teething issues in the Whitehead home. Along with pretty much everything else, that we aim to be "natural" in this aspect of our lives. We do not like to medicate- although we do offer the occasional Hyland's Teething Tablet. It seems to work pretty well for us... don't give me any junk about the stinking Belladonna. It's a great pain reliever! We have had to give Gman ibuprofen once or twice, but we save the hard stuff for an "in emergency break glass" situation!

One thing that has worked well is a wooden teething necklace.  Yes, they do make some super cute rubber ones... but I don't think we'd ever offer rubber for Gman to chew on! So wood it is!

We love the necklace by Stones of Healing. I love that it is a nursing/teething necklace. Gabriel loves it as well! If mommy has it around her neck you can guarantee he will be chomping  away at it!

Another necklace that we love is by TarynStuff. The necklace is super cute and reversible. My first necklace had a dent in it and the seller sent a new one to me at no charge within 24 hours of my message to her! I was super impressed!

We have finally bit the bullet and ordered an Amber Necklace. I'm excited about it, I hope that it works as well as I've heard that it will. I've heard some great things from multiple people, I'm excited to see if it works for us. I found This seller on etsy and I liked the necklace because it looks pretty manly! We bought an unpolished Sea Amber necklace...(here she is) I'm super stoked about it! I wish I would have seen that the seller was from stinking Latvia! Sometimes I think I need a more calculated approach rather than just willy-nilly amber necklace shopping! It could take a month to get here!

Lucky for us Gabriel is such a mellow fellow and nothing really seems to bother him too much... the only rough night that we've had was the night before his first tooth broke through.

We are so lucky to have "alternative" methods for pain... I'm glad that we are learning more and more about everything. Maybe by baby #20 we will have this Natural Living/Parenting down!



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