30 August 2010

VA Beach here we come!

Connor, Tony and Gabriel

 Summer = Visitors! Which is awesome, we love the excitement of guests! This time we were lucky enough to have our friends from the Michigan ANG spend some time in our neck of the woods! The best part was that they didn't stay in our house! We all stayed in hotels! I didn't have to freak out about cleaning, I didn't have to get annoyed that they didn't put the lid to the toilet down or used the wrong soap... It was great!

Bastian, Brandon and Connor playing WOW.

Gabriel has a thing with hair...

We woke up in our hotels in Norfolk and had breakfast... All was good until Bastian puked all over the floor in the breakfast room! He acted like he felt ok off and on, but spent the rest of the day randomly throwing up and not eating. Poor dude, but the next day he was good as new!
 We went swimming in the ocean with everyone and we saw the biggest jellyfish I've ever seen in my life... which also happens to be the first jellyfish I've ever seen! (Not counting those in captivity or on tv)  We did occasionally see some jellies in the water... but apparently this is a mild Jellyfish season.
     The best part about swimming away from a huge tourist trap was that we were lucky enough to see a giant pod of dolphins swim by. They swam about 100ft from the guys in the water... Bastian loved it!  Gman and I watched from the shore... but that was enough to convince us to get our buns in the water! We went to VA beach after naps to check out the boardwalk and play in the sand. And eat at a rather questionable Mexican Restaurant.
Bastian, Evan and Connor playing in the sand on VA Beach

The next day was reserved for Busch Gardens! Tony and I are not big ride people, so Elmo's Forest of Fun was all the excitement that we needed! We hung out with Bob and Connor all day.  Tony, Bastian and Connor dominated the rides while Gabriel, Bob and I watched. We met up with everyone else for a few rides and then had dinner and then we got to see  The Illuminights Show.

Connor, Tony and Bastian on an "Elmo Ride"
Connor and Bastian walking to the next ride! 

Tony and Connor waiting to ride a roller coaster! 

After we left the park we parted ways in the parking lot... we had to go home and prepare for our trip to DC and The Llewellyn clan was headed to Myrtle Beach- to be stung by the jellies!

We had a great visit with them... and it was a good reminder that there is still some good in Michigan!


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