29 January 2012

31 Ways To Pray

My goal is to live intentionally. I really want everything that I do to be for a purpose and the best way that I've found to help me live this way is through prayer. Prayer has been one area that I've struggled in since having kids... something always seems to get in the way, or interupt me or I just forget. I've made progress in this area, but I still need work.   I thought I would share 2 resources that I have found that have helped me focus a little better and add some direction to my prayers.

The First is from Revive Our Hearts. this is a Prayer Guide for Praying for your husband.

The Second is by Bob Hostetler and this is a great guide for praying for your children.

And just because I cant post something without a picture, here is our birth announcement! They are in the mail as we speak!

Team Whitehead

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