29 January 2012

Team Whitehead Random-ness Updates

 Here are some Random/ Awesome Update Photos from Team Whitehead HQ!

 Bastian has a rat- His name is Nester. He is sweet and still pretty shy. He goes to the bathroom on me every stinking day when we get him out!

  Gabriel got some play silks for his birthday. They are way more fun than I ever thought!  We had to dye them ourselves, so the photo above is the silks drying outside in our tree... Im not sure if we look cool like hippies or if we look like colorful rednecks!
These are our playsilks in the dying process! This was kind of time consuming, but definitely worth it!

Here is Tony with the kiddos! It still shocks us that we can't say "The Boys" anymore!

Here are the kiddos! Bastian and Gabriel really  love Azalea! It is funny how a little tiny girl can soften these tough men right up! They are constantly asking to hold her. it is really sweet! She already has then wrapped around her tiny pinky! Which is ok... for now.

Crazy faces and dirty shirts! That is what we have here!!

 Team Whitehead

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