28 January 2012

Post Baby family Visit #1- Whitehead Edition

 Our first guests post baby were Tony's parents. Not surprisingly, they think that Azalea is pretty awesome!

  Due to our zero guests in December rule, we have to celebrate the holidays a little different this year. As soon as Gram and Gramps walked in the door with gifts the boys could barely contain themselves!

 Our first real outing with Azalea (other than the grocery store) was to the Richmond Zoo. The boys had a blast! Once again the most exciting part was the parakeets!

 Both boys wanted to ride the sky ride. Gabriel got to ride with Gramps and Bastian with Tony. We were worried that Gabriel would not enjoy it.. but he had a blast.

It was a fun week, and even though Tony was
gone for 2 days of the visit,  it went really
 well and was super fun!

Team Whitehead

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