15 January 2011

Happy Birthday To Gmanny!

Apparently the first year with your second born child flies by! It seemed like I had 10 years to plan and prepare for Bastian's first birthday... and Gabriel's hit me like a ton of bricks! His first year went so fast! I guess it just shows me how much busier I am this time around!

To celebrate my baby dude's big day we went to Kangaroo Jacks! He loves to go to the Inflatable Palace and so we figured that we would take it up a notch for his special day. We had a blast and Gabriel even tried to bounce in the bounce houses and had a great time chasing me around in them. He was even daring enough to take a couple of the slides solo!

Bastian had a ton of fun as well, he still asks to go back just about every day!

Here are some baby dude stats:
Favorite Words- Momma, Daddy, Eat and and something that sounds like "That" but I don't think it's what he's saying!
Favorite Toys-   For Christmas and Birthday we received some toys where you drop a ball down a ramp and it falls on another ramp then another... you get it right? That's our go to toy these days! He also LOVES the stacking rings. His hand eye coordination blows me away! 
Walking?- Heck yes! He took his first steps the week before he turned 11 months! And now he is trotting around the house like a man!
Signs?- We are pretty confident with the "Eat" sign, the "All Done" Sign, the "Milk" sign and "More" 
Sleeping?- Much better than Bastian at this age! We are still co-sleeping crazy folk, but Gman will actually fall asleep while cuddling Tony. Which is something that Bastian NEVER did. It is kind of nice! 
Random Info- 
 * Gabriel loves to climb! (yikes!) He loves to sneak up the stairs, climb on boxes to get closer to the fish tank, and even climb on the couch (unassisted) to look out the window!
* While he is normally a mellow fellow, he has quite the temper! Once he's angry, he's angry! And his angry cry is not one that anyone wants to hear! 
* Gman has 6 teeth and he has 2 more working their way through now. 
*He loves to breath out his nose at people (weird, I know!) but if you do it back he will crack up every time!
* He loves to watch Bastian, I love how he watches him. He clearly thinks that his big bro is the coolest guy in the world. It is really neat to watch. Although I think that once they can start teaming up against momma, I might be singing a different tune! 
*We are still having tummy troubles! We have ruled out allergies, but all that means is we have no idea. Milk/dairy still causes him to puke and so do grains. As long as we remain off of grains and dairy we seem to be ok. Someday we may sort it all out.

There you have it. All the best info about Gabriel. He is an amazing little guy and we are super thrilled to get to hang out with him as often as we do... for the most part! 

Pictures from the party coming soon! 

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