29 January 2011

Welcome to Whitehead Farm!

Phew!- Finally posting about Gman's birthday bash!
Not too shabby considering I've been posting things about 4 weeks after the fact!

Gabriel's Big Birthday Bash was awesome!

I  realized how much harder it is to throw an big party with 2 little ones, and that means that we will probably be scaling back on future parties. (I know, I am SO lame!) But I am realizing that other things need to be as exciting and important as planning a party and so as I struggle with my priorities, something has to give. And can you believe that it's a party?! Of all things!

Anyways- We had so much fun with our friends and we definitely had a full house!

Here's the run down on the festivities!
Theme- Whitehead Farm (we never really did decide if we were a cow, horse, pig.. farm so I guess it was just a Farmy farm)
Food- Pretzel Sticks for Hay, Chex Mixy Snack for Chicken Feed, Animal Crackers for... Animals
  We also had Mini Apple Pies and Apple Pie Pockets. Tony also made some rockstar Ice cream! and we had  No cake! 
Activities- Farm Animal Toss- Tonya and I made a barn out of foam core to toss farm animals through (I think 2-3 people played it) We also had a planting station where each child could plant either a pumpkin, a sunflower or corn in a small plant-able pot. (2-3 kids did this as well) We are just getting to the age of party games and fun... so I'm not real shocked that the activities didn't each have a mile long line. And I have a bunch of small plant-able seed starting pots for the garden this year! Woot!
Party Favors- Homemade Granola with a snazzy label!
Due to the time of the party (2-4pm) Gabriel was pretty tired toward the end of it and he actually fell asleep in my lap at about 3:30. So we did not open gifts with guests. :( We loved everything though and we just started our Thank You Cards- so they should be to you soon! 


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  1. It sounds like it was a great time for all.
    Love you guys and miss you too