01 January 2011

Playing Catch Up! Christmas Concert & Bethlehem Tour

Ok, so my computer is back and we are back! My computer is still funky... so I have to post the H out of this blog before good ol' Mr. Vaio buys the farm again!

Here are a bunch of photos from December!

Bastian had his first Christmas Concert at Bible Study!

He was super pumped to have the bells!

It may not look like it, but he had a good time! Especially the songs that he knew well.

It was super adorable!

Another Awesome December Event was The Bethlehem Tour!
What an amazing idea, we will definitely go back every year!  We really wanted a way for Bastian to actually see all of the stories that we've told him over and over!  As soon as he saw a man dressed up walk past us he yelled out "hey mom, I'm pretty sure that man is an Israelite!"

First, we walked through Bethlehem after paying our taxes to the Romans. We used all of our money so we couldn't afford a room... but as you know, there was no room at the inn anyways.

Mary and Joseph at the inn trying to get a room.

Our guide trying to convince the innkeeper to let us stay... unfortunately we were sent to the fields with the sheep.

While in the field, we heard from the angels that a child was born.
and then we found Mary cradling Jesus shortly after his birth.

The wise men showing the gifts that they brought for Jesus.

Mary presenting Jesus to the Lord at the Temple.

Listening to the teachings of Jesus. 

Listening to the story of His death.

The empty tomb.

Listening to Nicodemus before the tour ends.

It was such an amazing night! I highly recommend going next year! 

Christmas post will be up in the next few days!
Then on to New Years!

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