14 January 2011

A January Christmas Post

Better late than never right?

Our Christmas looked like this;

We left our house and headed to my sister Jamey's house...

We stayed there for 2 days and on Christmas Eve we headed to my dad's house.
We stayed with my dad until the following Tuesday. The Monday after Christmas we made a day trip to Battle Creek MI to visit some friends.

At Jamey's house we made cookies, played video games and enjoyed the snow!

At my dad's we played more video games and wrestled and enjoyed a bunch of new toys!

We also had an awesome Christmas Dinner! The ham was amaaaaazing!

The car rides were tough! G-man is not a guy who can snooze away a 10 hour drive like he used to be! Our drive to Jamey's (which is only 8 hours) involved 7 stops! Hopefully by the time our next road trip rolls around we will be able to relax a bit. It should help that he will  be forward facing in his car seat by then.

He really had a blast visiting family and it was nice to spend time with my dad and step-mom that was relaxed on no super hectic!

One change that Tony and I made was less "stuff" we are trying to teach our boys that life is not about "stuff" but that our joy should come from The Lord. We also want to keep our focus on the true meaning of Christmas... Check out my new video game, oh yeah Happy Birthday to our Savior... wait, what?

So our first step was to buy less. Tony and I also decided that we like the idea of giving  "Wise Men Christmas Gifts" so we adopted that plan this year and will continue to use it in the future.
The idea is that you receive Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
The Gold Gift- is one that you really want.
The Frankincense- is one that will help you grow spiritually
The Myrrh- is something that you can wear or put on.

For us this works amazingly! It helps me reign myself in from getting them every cool toy out there (pretty much because I like and want the toys just as much as the boys do!) It also is a super simple way to keep our Christmas centered on Christ the way that it should be.

Next year we plan to stay home for Christmas- we want to try a peaceful holiday alone with just us for once... hopefully something exciting happens or we'll be bored by noon!


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