23 January 2011

Sanctity of Life Day

I didn't even know until today that National Sanctity of Life Day existed... but I'm glad that it does.

It is something that I probably wouldn't have  given a second thought to, but having lost a baby through miscarriage has really change my perspective. I have a much deeper appreciation for life now, I can not imagine (for ANY reason) choosing to end a life. I have faith and God has a plan and I have faith in that plan!

I think it is a shame that every president, every year has issued a Sanctity of Life proclamation for the third Sunday in January... except our current one. But perhaps he's just saving his proclamations for June & LGBT Month. What a guy!  (Sorry, I didn't intend to get political here!)

Any ways- Hug your babies, and don't take them for granted.
We love a God who gives and takes away, and at the end of the day He is still good. We owe him everything.


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