24 December 2011

CBS Christmas Concert!

Now that both boys are in classes at CBS, I was excited to see them both perform Christmas Songs this year!

Last year Bastian was not super pumped about singing... but this year his teachers told me he is one of the loudest singers in his class!  I couldn't wait to hear him!

 Unfortunately, Bastian did not sing loudly this year! He actually only sang one song!  AND his teacher forgot to put his button down shirt back on him... so this year was not all that I was hoping for! BUT- Bastian does say that he had fun.. so I will take that!
Aaaand here is Gabriel-  right before he burst into tears, when his teachers wouldn't let him off the stage! I did end up going to get him and he sat on my lap for the entire performance!
  (Notice- the Thomas train in his hand.. this is his new lovey. As long as Gman has Thomas we can take him anywhere.. as soon as we lose Thomas the world ends! Unfortunately, Thomas let us down this time! )

The Christmas program was insanely cute! I really cant wait for Bastian to be excited about performing in it! Although that day may never come!

Merry Christmas!

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