08 December 2011

Rochester NY Trip

Tony was asked to go to Rochester NY for work and luckily Grandpa Bill works for the same company and was also asked to go!

Tony decided to bring the whole family! Which was great! We had a cheap vacation and time with family! You cant beat it!

We spent the weekend with Bill and we got to check out Niagara Falls! I wasn't too pumped about this.. but it was way cooler than I expected!

 Bastian thought it was cool and then he got too close to the edge and got freaked out!

 And then we found an awesome tree for everyone to climb!

This is my favorite shot of them together!

We also sat in a grassy area for a few minutes before beginning out hike back to the other side and an asian woman came up at asked if she would "tayka pikcha" and I was shocked but said ok... and then she gathered our whole family and her friends and took a picture with us on the ground! Then another asian family saw what they were doing came over to take a picture with us! It was hilarious... but I am pretty sure that we are going to be in some creepy advertisements in China soon..


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