10 December 2011

Museum of Play- Rochester, NY

Before we left for NY a friend gave us some tips for fun places to check out! The best tip was Museum of Play in Rochester! 

 Because we are members of The Children's Museum of Richmond, we didn't have to pay admission! It was great!

This was by far the best museum that we've ever been too! We went to the museum on 3 different days and explored different stuff each time!  The first day we checked out a room full of manipulatives! Both boys were in love!  We played with tangrams and drums and this really neat pully system where you load the big bouncy balls and watch them roll along some guide wires on the ceiling- this was Gabriel's favorite part!

 They also have a whole Sesame Street Area. The boys liked to see Elmo and drive in a car with him.. they also got to check out Elmo's World! It is funny how much they loved it considering we never watch Sesame Street!
  They also had an amazing Butterfly House! Bastian loved it! He was very cautious of th butterflies and making sure that everyone was quiet so that we wouldn't scare them! He loves to pretend that he is an explorer!

 My favorite part was the Kiddy Wegmans! It blows the Kiddy Martins that we have at CMor out of the water! Each person gets a cart and can buy 5 things, then they go to the check out and actually check out! Everything scans with the item description and price! Then you pay and take an actual Wegmans receipt!
 Both boys kept going for the same things each time- Bastian got produce, fish and a box of popsicles and Gabriel picked 5 loaves of bread! Every time! 

 We also spent some time building cars and monsters!
 And playing a giant game of chess in the Giant's House (From Jack and the Bean Stalk)

We spent the most time in the Story Book part for sure!

There is WAY more to the museum that this.. and honestly we would go back to Rochester just to check out this place again!  It is worth it!


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