17 December 2011

Making Christmas Ornaments!

We've decided to start another tradition... Starting this year we will be decorating our tree in homemade decorations. One reason is that they are just cooler, and the other being that if they get broken... we can make a new one!

Now that Aunt Steph is here we enlisted her help with the ornaments and we had a blast!

 After we were done with the cutting and the baking we started painting!

Bastian was a painting fool! He loved it and he painted at least 3/4 of the ornaments!
Gabriel was less excited about painting the ornaments and chose to paint his body!

Here are some of our finished products! Well almost finished.. we still have to toss a few coats of clear coat on them!

Whoo hoo! Hooray for Christmas Crafts!  Merry Christmas!

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