12 December 2011

Felt Board and a Christmas Tree!

We've decided to make at least one Christmas Gift for the kiddos each year. This year I knew that I wasn't going to be feeling up to it on/around Christmas ... so I not only made the gift early, but gave it to the boys early as well!

We had a huge peice of plywood in the garage- so we covered that sucker in felt and cut out some rad shapes and BAM! Christmas Gift!  Not the most creative or cool.. and trust me when I say that I had some creative/cool ideas! But  they actually like it and play with it!

I like it because it inspires imagination and they like it because they can make monster faces!

I saw a really neat idea on Pinterest, where you cut out a felt Christmas tree and then cut out ornaments so the boys could decorate a tree over and over.  Little did I know that when you have boys they dont really care about decorating trees with stinking ornaments! They like to make monsters and aliens and Halloween Faces!

I made the zig zag lines for the ornaments and Bastian says "Hey mom, I need some more of those angry mouths!"

 We do like to encourage creativity.. so I can't complain too much! Its a good think I like it too!


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