05 September 2010

America's Divine Destiny & Restoring Honor Rally & DC Fun!

Tony and I were lucky enough to get tickets to "America's Divine Destiny" at the Kennedy Center on August 27th. It was an amazing experience. We were super lucky to be a part of it. 
     We walked from our hotel on Wednesday night to see how far  it was (Tony would be leaving around 4am to try to get tickets for the event!) We got there around 6pm and the line  was around the building! Tickets wouldn't be available until 10am the next day! We decided that Gabriel and I would stay, and Tony and Bastian would walk to the hotel get the car then I would go back to the hotel room with the boys and Tony would camp out at the Kennedy Center all night in hopes of getting a ticket. While I was in line Glenn Beck came and talked, prayed, signed books, bought pizza... some people in line were going crazy over him!  I think he's an ok guy... He has some great ideas, but I could do without the waterworks! The ladies around us in line wanted to marry him or kidnap him and take him home... I'm not sure which! It was freaky either way!   The great thing about it was they gave us all tickets and let everyone go home at 9pm! The show was sold out 11hours before tickets were supposed to be available!  

In line for tickets!

The event itself was awesome! The entire purpose was to pray for an American Revival. They  had amazing speakers like Miles McPherson from The Rock Church in San Diego. His message was so motivating. I love that his message was intended to get the Christian off the couch and out in the world. Tony and I definitely feel like the Lord is guiding us out into the world so we were able to relate to him big time! Lives are not saved on your drive to and from church... It was great. 

Another great speaker was Dave Roever He has a sad story, but he was a riot. He had a great message about why we should never give up and that God has a plan for us.   I loved him!

Chuck Norris was another speaker. It cracked me up that he was there, I think he's a great guy but to be honest I was el bored-o during his speech! 

The event as a whole was awesome. Beck invited thousands of Pastors, Rabbis and other church leaders. He stated that many churches have gone soft and we need to remain diligent about keeping God in our country. It was such an amazing experience! The best part was the we had both boys with us and they both slept the entire time!

We left the Kennedy Center at 11pm  and had to walk through the pitch black woods for 2 miles through DC with 2 kids. Can you say MORONS! I was so tired, but I was able to sprint-walk the entire time. I am certain that my pupils were the size of dinner plates and that I could have fought off a bear with all of the adrenalin pumping through my body. I was horrified to say the least. 

The next day was the big "Restoring Honor'' Rally. It was the same idea with some fresh speakers.  The little men were exhausted and a little tough to wrangle... I spent a good chunk of the day sitting on our blanket rocket Gman and playing Hulk vs. Wolverine  with Bastian. I missed a fair amount of the rally so I am pretty excited that I was able to go the night before. 

Here are some photos!

Before America's Divine Destiny we were able to spend some time wandering around DC. We checked out some Monuments, fed some pigeons, had a sword fight in the park and then went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Bas had been pestering us to see dinosaurs for quite some time and we were finally able to show him! Tony and I realized that we had never seen a dinosaur before either... how crazy is that!! 

We logged about 13 miles on foot on Friday and Saturday... by the time that we got home we were SPENT! Getting out of bed on Sunday was tough for everyone! But it was definitely worth it! 


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