07 September 2010

Gabriel is 8 months old!

Madness! I cannot believe our baby dude is 8 months old today!

He is roughly 19 lbs and like a billion inches long. Actually, we had a sick baby visit last week and the doctor weighed him but did not measure length... So I have no idea how long he is. More than 29 inches but less than 100.

He crawled for the first time about 3 days ago. But he still just manages to work his way places, but nobody is sure how. We look and he'll be in one place and a few minutes later he'll be across the room... nobody knows how, but he does it!

He is becoming more and more amazed by Bastian. Bastian knows and loves this! He loves to sit and watch his big brother and Bastian loves to make him crack up. Their favorite thing to do right now is scream back and forth at each other during breakfast... awesome right?

He still LOVES O'Reilly! I'm pretty sure that if he didn't need me to feed him that he  would just cling to O'Reilly all day. He loves the stinking dog more than he loves us... we are pretty sure of that. The good thing is that O'Reilly loves him back!

Happy 8 Months G-man!!


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