13 September 2010

Read This, Not That!

I like to read. I usually read non-fiction books about health, nutrition, parenting or something biblical or based in christianity... although I love to read fiction, I have a hard time finding books I like.

My two most recent reads would fall into the parenting category.

We are "attachment parents" through and through... I'm not sure what would possess me to read a book that even mentions crying it out! But I did! The book started out with some great information about sleep patterns and nap timing... but once you get into the actual advice it was junk! The idea of letting Gabriel cry for an hour at nap time and then indefinitely at night makes me sick to my stomach.

The book I'm referring to is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Weissbluth.
I do not recommend it at all! Not that anyone asked my opinion... but just in case you wondered!

The book I DO like is called Night Time Parenting by Dr. Sears. We love Dr. Sears anyways... so it is no surprise that we liked this book. Dr. Sears books are what introduced us to attachment parenting in the first place and from them we learned to trust our intuition as parents rather than follow schedules or allow our babies to cry.
This book is much more aligned with our thinking. I truly believe that a child cries to communicate and not manipulate and as the parent it is our job to keep our babies feeling comfortable and give them a general feeling of "rightness"

I know this is a touchy subject... but these are just my thoughts!

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  1. Ummm...have you ever met Libby Jones? I'm refering to your comment about children crying to manipulate!!! It might be the difference between boys and girls. Ha! I'm just yanking your chain...even though we may differ in some of our opinions about... whatever, I love the conviction you have about yours. You always stick to your guns!