28 September 2010

Let's Legalize It!

 Pretty much everyone  knows how we feel about whole foods and organics and all that jazz... We cook from scratch quite often and we try to avoid processed foods.
        One thing we have tried recently and will be adding to our menu is Raw Milk. We are pretty excited about this change!

I have to admit that I was pretty shocked to see that it tastes like milk... I'm not real sure what I expected, but I was certain that it would be gross and I would have to learn to tolerate it. Not the case at all! It is good, I like it better than store milk. Quite possibly because it doesn't come in a grossy mcgrosserson plastic container... but who knows!

Anyways- pretty much everyone I know who is not a Raw Milker has given me some form of grief about this decision. So I figure that this funny little site/video might help to provide some education...

I think it is pretty cute though...
Check Out the Video!    For more info you could look to the Weston A. Price campaign for Real Milk.


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