16 September 2010

Thursday is Art/History/Geography/Finance Day!

Thursday is our day to spread a basic awareness of certain subjects. Normally they would be way over Bastian's head and so we spend very little time on them. Basically we rotate the theme each week, or we do two in one day if the lesson is small.

Today was Art/History

For history we have been practicing the first few presidents. Bastian only knows the first two every time the others are hit or miss. We also practice The Pledge of Allegiance.

Today was initially planned to be a 100% Art day but we went to Mom's group instead and we had to revise our project because we ran out of time!

The project we did do was less cool, but still fun!
We made a bird feeder out of a pop bottle. (Classy, I know!) Who cares... the birds don't care!

First we cut the bottle and crammed his face into it...

Next we filled it with seeds...

Then we got Bastian's mixed reviews...

And then we hung it in the tree. 

I understand that it is barely an art project... but we needed a bird feeder for our upcoming bird projects. It'll do for today!


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