15 September 2010

Wednesday is Bible Study Day

Today was our first day of our Community Bible Study! It was amazing! Bastian was in his own class of preschoolers and he had a blast. Not only do they practice scripture memorization but they do it in a fun song! The teachers also pray with each child, which I think is super cool!

This is right when we dropped him off in his classroom. When all he could think about was the huge playground that we passed on the way in! 
They learned about trusting the Lord and his Word. He also decorated a folder to keep his work in the year. 

And he made a magnet that has all of the memory verses on it. With it on the fridge we are reminded to review it often. 

When I went to pick him up he didn't want to leave with me! 

Once we got home and had lunch, I put Gman down for his nap and then we read a few stories about Noah's Ark and then got to work on Bastian's CBS homework. 


It will hang on the fridge for review until next week when we put the new one up.

We are so excited about CBS. I know it will be a great year!


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